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Peter McGuiness artist

The Floating World just got media saturated

Fictitious  album covers for a non-existent Chinese, jazz-rock ensemble

Songs from Illawarra road, 'The Movie'

Songs from Illawarra road

The Floating World


Slide Show


'Songs from Illawarra road' are a collection of collages and paintings based on the bitumen river of the same name; of leaning telegraph poles, lost cats, political posters, Chinese video shops, sudden trains and baptismal water draining into gutters to flow into the Cooks river........and is dedicated to George the baker, may he rest in peace.

Peter McGuiness


Exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel Artspace 8th October-5th November 2005

Railway Garden

Railway Garden

Railway Garden

Railway Garden

Railway Garden

Pelican Islands

Under the Miky Way

Summer River Run




Peter & Mark, a successful sale


Mark Jones & Peter McGuiness another sale, 6 so far!!


A few patrons at the opening.


Songs of Illawarra road, 'The Movie' click here for movie

a ‘Remember Me When You’re Famous’ production. Garry Burton email